Code of Conduct

We follow GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for landlords and agents, tailored by Data protection act 2018 . We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Strict privacy policies, ensure any information disclosed to us will be treated in the utmost confidence and respect.

We commit to finding the best win, win deal for all parties concerned

If we believe that selling a property to us is not the best solution for our client, we will inform them and even help with a creative solution.

Our reliable power team allow us to provide realistic timescales for the purchase of properties. Their experience helps us all excel.

We guarantee there are no hidden costs for our clients. The price we agree on, is the price they will receive.

We will keep the seller informed and updated throughout the purchase process. Our high levels of communication bring clarity forward.

We will do, what we say we will do and keep to our word. That’s a promise we can preach.